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31 August 2008 @ 10:05 pm
Time for some random facts  

Some random facts about myself, just because I'm bored and has nothing better to do

- I'll be 19 on october the 25th
- I have always been the tallest of the girls in my class and until 7th grade I was also taller than the boys.
- I finished high school this summer and now I’m taking a year off.
- I've been a Tokio Hotel fan for almost 3 years
- I’m addicted to Photoshop and ImageReady
- When I was 11, I got diagnosed with astma
- I’m allergic to tomatoes and pollen.
- I almost died from anorexia when I was 12 and now I’m afraid that I’m having a relapse
- I should wear glasses all the time, but I don’t.
- I have studied Italian for 3 years, but I still can talk or write it *feels ashamed*
- I want to become a graphic designer and I would love to attend “Hochschule der Medien” which is in Stuttgart (Germany)
- My english sucks.
- I used to play handball on a high level, but I was forced to quit because of a really severe knee injury’
- I have a back disease called “MB Scheuermann”
- I smoke when I’m stressed and my parents would kill me if they knew
- The longest relationship I’ve been in lasted almost two years and I was going to get married and I think I have never really gotten over it
- I would love to get my tongue pierced again, but I’m afraid that my parents would kick me out
- I’m afraid of flying, dentist and spiders
- I'm good at archery
- When I was 11, I made my first "hole in one" and I have done that 5 other times in the past 7 years
- Last time I went bowling I made 8 strikes in a row
- My favourite movie is "A Walk To Remember"
- I'm very emotional.
- I've had my own horse
- Using 20 minutes out of 60 minutes you get to complete the mensa test, I scored 135 and now I'm a member of "Mensa".
- I hate Coca Cola and coffee
- I have an obsession with vampires and I adore the movie "interview with a vampire"
- I have more than 70 dvd's and over 200 cd's
- My iPod is a part of the "red products" line.
- Every year I donate what would be something like 100 US dollars to charity.
- When I was 10 I was obsessed with boy bands like Backstreet Boys etc.
- My favourite vegetable is potatoes
- I love mango and strawberries
- My favourite author is Tracy Chevalier
- I've visited Italy over 12 times and I just love the culture and the way people act and how friendly they are.
- I'm related to H.C. Andersen's best friend
- I love disney movies
- I have over 21.000 pictures with Tokio Hotel and over 200 posters (call me obsessed) XD
- I'm always thinking about how my friends and family are and how they are doing and that leaves so litlle time to think of myself.
- I'm an only child and sometimes I wish I had a sister or a brother.
- I have been addicted to cocain and sometimes I have a relapse *slaps herself*
- I've had 16 one night stands and 6 boyfriends in the past 6 years

And I could go on and on and on.... XD
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