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25 August 2008 @ 12:00 am
Hmm ..  

Well there is nothing much to tell. I'm so bored for the time being, I have nothing to do and I can't find a job, so my life pretty much sucks right now. But it's not all bad, my parents and I were invited for dinner at a friend and his girlfriend showed up and she is just so nice and so understading, but I was shocked when I found out that she is a graphic designer. OMG! What a coincedence! I really want to study to be a graphic designer, so she promised me, that she'll ask her boss if I can work there and get to know the buisness, because she thinks I have a lot of talent and she thinks I'll fit into the work enviroment. I'm just so happy that she'll try and help me, because I really don't want to do as my father have suggested - Working in a bank, that's just not me at all, so I'm crossing my fingers and hope that she'll succeded in helping me find a job.  

Btw. Right now I'm experimenting with "popart" inspired graphics which you can find on my Deviantart profile (http://mariesen.deviantart.com/)

I think I just heard my bed call my name, so bye bye for now

Btw. there is only 2 months left 'till my birthday
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