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16 June 2011 @ 07:26 pm
*dies laughing*  
Stolen from em_rose483 XDD

My poor tummy XD *wipes aways tears from laughter*
Oh Mein Gott XDDDDDDDD Best thing EVUURH! XD
Current Mood: dorkydorky
amourfuturiste on June 16th, 2011 05:39 pm (UTC)
I'M STILL LAUGHING! He gets frustrated with Jedward because they won't do what he tells them XDDDD so funny! They always have so much energy and they wont shut up. I dunno how anyone copes with them o_o
Marie: Disney - Mulanmariesen on June 16th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
His faces are priceless! And yeah coping with them must be a special talent o_o
Anne: disney; tangled (give up)thilia on June 16th, 2011 06:55 pm (UTC)
"Aber don't look!"

Hahahahahaha, OMG, I'm dying, seriously! XD

Bushido's like... *points at icon*
Marie: Disney - Bambi is curiousmariesen on June 17th, 2011 08:06 am (UTC)
So am I XDD Best thing ever! Seriously!!! XDDD

And your icon is perfect!!! XDD
Andy: Bushido - Holding TOKIO HOTEL Signrule_number_7 on June 16th, 2011 08:16 pm (UTC)
So much love for Bushido <3
Marie: Bushido - Dogs 2mariesen on June 17th, 2011 08:05 am (UTC)
Yeees <3