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23 October 2008 @ 12:36 pm

Oh god.. I feel so stressed, because I really wanna study graphic design and I really wanna start in september 2009, but it seems like the change of getting in with my lack of skills are minimal, and if I qualify for the test you get before you can get in, then I'm sure I'm gonna fail, 'cause there is no way I'm gonna learn how to use Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. before March 2009, when I don't even have the programs O_O

I really don't know what to do.. i can't effort the programs since they would cost over 25.000 DKK or over 2.400 $, which in my opinion is insane. No program in the world is worth that amount of money!! I don't know what Adobe is thinking, but if you are young and studying, then how can you effort to buy their Master Collections pack with all of their programs?! It's as I said before ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!

And then another problem if I buy the programs, then I need to buy a new laptop, since my laptop don't have a 2GHz or higher processor, so that is about 10.000 DKK I need and i don't even own 300 DKK and I know my birthday is on saturday, but jesus christ I can't expect to get the programs or a new computer, that would also be insane, since I'm "only "turning 19, had it been last year, then maybe I could have hoped for it O_O

This is just SO depressing and I have no idea how I'm gonna fix this huge problem all by myself >_<
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