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11 November 2010 @ 12:25 pm
Kiss and Tell  
I'm not gonna write a whole essay about yesterday, but here goes XD

I met my friend at around 4PM and we walked together to the venue. Now we were told to arrive 2 hours before the doors opened which would have been 5PM, but loads of our friends were in line, so we just talked to them and waited for some other girls, who also had VIP, to arrive. They arrived at 4:30PM and when the clocked turned 5PM we asked a security guard where people with VIP passes should meet and he told us a spot and ofc that was outside in the rain -____-' Idiot!

It turned out that he had told us the wrong spot >_> it was were he was standing and not the other end of the road >_< I wanted to smack him and so wanted the rest of the VIP's, damn he was annoying >_________>

Anyways.. We formed a line and was escorted inside one by one and The guy doing the check-in (Adams brother if I'm not mistaken) joked a bit about my passport picture, saying "Naaw that can't be you with that hair" XD He was awesome I tell ya!

So inside we formed a line again and Adam's brother told us how the M&G would go and so. I was a nervous wreck by then. I wasn't expecting to meet him all alone, but I did! Damn he was just so sweet :3
I was greeted by a smiling Adam, who said "Hello, nice hair" and then pulled me into a hug and asked me if I was excited for tonight 'cause he was XD and while Adam signed my things his brother took a pic, I don't know why but he did XD maybe it was my hair idk lol
When he was finished signing my things he then asked if I was ready for a pic and put his arm around me and posed for the pic *_____*
Did I mention how amazing he smelled?! *__* So manly and fresh, omg!

I still can't believe I met him and that he hugged me! He freakin' hugged me! *_________*
This was by far the best day of my life ♥ I'm so grateful my parents got me that VIP experience for me ♥

After the M&G we were escorted outside again and we could have skipped the whole line since we were VIP's, but I decided to find my mom in the line and my friend just followed me XD When I saw my mom I was squealing and fangirling so hard XD I was totally starstruck and so was my friend XDD

Now the concert itself was beyond words! Seriously! Adam puts such a great effort into making sure everyone is enjoying the show and what a show *_____* So sexual and steaming! I'm sure I must have drooled a few times XD especially when he kissed Tommy hfdsgoladhgaiddglov!!! *_____*
And hearing Adam live is like hearing angels sing! You have no idea! That voice is magical :333 My mom even started crying during Whatya want from me and I was close to crying, so effing beautiful! *O*

I'm just gonna share some of my pictures + some videos I found on YT from the concert ♥


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Marie: Adam Lambert - animationmariesen on November 11th, 2010 11:45 am (UTC)
Very cool indeed :D and you're most welcome :))