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28 October 2010 @ 09:49 pm

So I met with Mom today and we went to buy some feathers and gluestick for the Valkyrie look I'm doing :3

Then we went hunting for a shirt, but no luck .__. I need an oversized asymmetric shirt in gray or white and I can't find one -.-' but I found another shirt I liked and a handbag in black with studs *___*
Mom paid for the handbag/purse which was super nice of her <3 she also paid for the feathers + dinner and a taxi home :3

Anyways.. My whole outfit for the Adam Lambert concert Is done except for a shirt >_>
So black skinny jeans, gray wedges, black vest, silver jewelry, studded black leather gloves and studded purse. All I need is a shirt -__-'
Anyone who knows where to find a shirt like that?

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