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Due to the fact that I sometimes write very personal things in this journal, I've decided to make it friends only
So comment here if you friend me and tell me where I know you from, etc. If you don't then the chance of me friending you back is very small. Sorry, but I just don't see a point in adding people back if I don't know them.
And if you're here to see my graphics then go to aurora_art or immernochhier
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Crash Land

Absolutely obsessed with Twin Atlantic! Listened to them for the first time today and OH EM GEE! I absolutely love their "sound" and Crash Land has to be my fave song from them!

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B-day meme

Stolen from ty
Go to Wikipedia and look up your birthday (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

473 – Emperor Leo I acclaims his grandson Leo II as Caesar of the Byzantine Empire.
1944 – Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle in history, takes place in and around the Philippines between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the U.S. Third and U.S. Seventh Fleets. Afterward is the first Kamikaze attack of World War 2.
2004 – Fidel Castro, Cuba's President, announces that transactions using the American Dollar will be banned.

1825 – Johann Strauss II, Austrian composer (d. 1899)
1984 – Katy Perry, American singer-songwriter and actress

1965 – Eduard Einstein, Swiss son of Albert Einstein (b. 1910)
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